Linn Meyers at Hirshhorn

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Linn Meyers is one of the featured artists in our chapter on “Approaches” in “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques”. Meyers calls the places where subsequent lines shift “slippages.” “Our View … Read More

Now Available

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The book “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques” (AppleID: 1125149704) is now available on iBooks. This second edition of “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques” is an exciting exploration of the newer … Read More

List of Artists

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Pat Adams Lucy Baker Walter Darby Bannard Tom Barron Jim Bohary Peter Bradley Ingrid Calame Jane Callister Jaq Chartier Gene Davis Paula DeLuccia Lydia Dona Kevin Finklea Craig Fisher Caio … Read More

Three-dimensional Space

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Without depicting natural forms, a painter can suggest three-dimensional space by: • painting forms with strong contours so there seems to be a separation between figure and ground • suggesting … Read More

Pat Lispky – Two works

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The work is all about volumes of color. These volumes are set within a framing edge establishing the sense that these forms inhabit a universe distinct and separate. The color … Read More

Thin Wash example

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Texture-less painting can seem dull compared to other effects. But plain, flat paint may be desirable in conveying a sense of mechanical restraint by limiting the degree of gesture expressed … Read More

Francine Tint 2015

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A nice review by Piri Halasz of new work by Francine Tint, featured in “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques” with two works reproduced as well as a wonderful studio photograph. There’s lots … Read More

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