Kenneth Noland – a radical departure

Pace Gallery’s 57th Street gallery will show a set of 10 of Kenneth Noland’s final paintings, done while in his 80’s and his eyesight failing, 26 January-4 March 2017. A catalogue will … Read More

Gerhardt Richter interviewed

An amazing, touching interview with Gerhardt Richter whose work and quotes are  found in Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques. “These days, beauty is not in fashion,” says Richter, who has explored … Read More

David Reed – Vice and Reflection

During Art Basel Miami Beach, Pérez Art Museum Miami will feature work by David Reed whose work is found in Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques. For the museum Reed is creating new works inspired by … Read More

Recent Poons Interview

Larry Poons is included in “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques”, along with several reproductions of his work and quotes from our interview. Here in conversation with David Ebony: we all … Read More

Jackson Pollok: Analytical Methods

An absolutely fascinating scholarly study of the chemistry in Jackson Pollok’s large drip painting, “Lavender Mist” which is featured in the book “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques”.   The study, … Read More

Walter Darby Bannard

The University of Miami published a page to commemorate Walter Darby Bannard, who passed away Oct. 2, 2016. For many years, he was a professor and head of the department of … Read More

Bridget Riley …Commission!

Surprising news that Bridget Riley has accepted a commission for a new painting: Prestigious British artist Bridget Riley will create a large new artwork for the Christchurch Art Gallery in … Read More

Melissa Meyer

The iBook version of “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques”  features a detail of a wonderful painting by Melissa Meyer on the cover. A booklet on her work here. Meyer wrote … Read More

Helen Frankenthaler

Sept 2016 –Line into Color, Color into Line features a 25-year retrospective of Helen Frankenthaler’s work and shows at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills with  works from the Frankenthaler foundation, curated by John … Read More

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