“Abstract Painting” about to be Released

ibook cover ORANGE65Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques is ready for pre-order in the Apple iTunes store August 1, 2016. It will be released August 15, 2016.

Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques is a comprehensive guide to the history, methods, techniques, materials, and study of abstract art. The goal is to bridge the gap between art theory and art practice. It is for painters who wish to deeper their thinking and increase their range of techniques about abstract art. The outline of topics is as follows:

Art History and Visual Psychology and Physiology   Art history looks at the traditions of abstraction in art of the comparatively recent past. Visual psychology and physiology studies the event of seeing, from retinal stimulation, through autonomic events, to subconscious and conscious associating. 

Oil and Acrylic Paint Systems   Although paint systems such as encaustic and mixed media are effectively used in painting, oil and acrylic paints are still the dominant expressive mediums in use today. The discussion is thorough at a basic level, but specialized texts should be consulted for comprehensive information on oil and acrylic paints and other mediums.

Devices   Devices refers to those tools used in all visual art, from the primary formalist tools (color, form, and texture) to the integrating devices of composition and pictorial space. 

Techniques   Traditional painting techniques deal with methods that employ brushes, canvases or panels, and easels, focusing on hand work and paint construction.  “Process” painting techniques are also covered – those operations that involve pouring, staining, scraping, layering, and other non-brush applications of paint.

Approaches   The two final chapters touch on how painting grows from the individual painter’s psychological makeup.