List of Artists

Pat Adams Lucy Baker Walter Darby Bannard Tom Barron Jim Bohary Peter Bradley Ingrid Calame Jane Callister Jaq Chartier Gene Davis Paula DeLuccia Lydia Dona Kevin Finklea Craig Fisher Caio … Read More

Pat Lispky – Two works

The work is all about volumes of color. These volumes are set within a framing edge establishing the sense that these forms inhabit a universe distinct and separate. The color … Read More

Francine Tint 2015

A nice review by Piri Halasz of new work by Francine Tint, featured in “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques” with two works reproduced as well as a wonderful studio photograph. There’s lots … Read More

Larry Poons, Now

Included in “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques”, along with several reproductions of his work, is an excerpt from an interview  by John Zinsser with Poons in 1990 First, it was the dot … Read More

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