DR Undertow

This painting by Vicky Perry is from January 2023 and is inspired by a photo from the Dominican Republic.    Thanks to a friend who brought the sand from the … Read More

Amor & Psyche

This painting by Vicky Perry is from December 2022 and is inspired by Italy and is part of an “Italian Series.”  Inspired by the statue “Amore e Psiche” at the … Read More

Francine Tint 2022

In the Brooklyn Rail post, Francine Tint: Life in Action by David Ebony, he writes: Tint has followed an improvised, idiosyncratic path. She has struggled against the kind of doctrinaire formalism to … Read More


There has been much buzz over this pairing; here is Artsy on the show:   Just as Monet adapted a more liberated style and technique in his later years, Mitchell’s … Read More

Study for the Laocoön

This painting by Vicky Perry is inspired by the statue Laocoön and His Sons. From October 2022, it is the fourth in an “Italian Series.”  A nod to Louise Bourgeois … Read More

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