Gerhard Richter at 90

From the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo announcement:


This exhibition features German artist Gerhard Richter, one of the greatest artists of our age. It is the first Richter show at a museum in Japan in 16 years and the very first one in Tokyo. Richter has consistently tried presenting the principle of how we see and perceive objects, moving back and forth between representation and abstraction using a variety of materials such as oil paintings, photographs, digital prints, glass, and mirrors. The principle concerns not only optical perception, but also perceptions formed by a complex web of aspects, including the history of art, contemporary visual culture, the history of 20th century Germany, the memories of the artist himself and his family, and audiences’ desire to see things. In 2022, when the artist has turned 90 years old, the exhibition will trace his consistent but wide-ranging practices over the last 60 years, showcasing about 120 works, mostly from the collection of Gerhard Richter Foundation. The exhibits include a variety of items ranging from early works to the newest drawings.

The show features a recent series of paintings: Birkenau


The exhibition runs June 7—October 2, 2022.


Richter’s work is included in the book Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques