Kenneth Noland – a radical departure

Pace Gallery’s 57th Street gallery will show a set of 10 of Kenneth Noland’s final paintings, done while in his 80’s and his eyesight failing, 26 January-4 March 2017. A catalogue will show 15 of the late paintings.

From the announcement:

The art historian William Agee describes the series in a catalogue essay as “old age art” (work made shortly before an artist’s death), which he calls a “fascinating and still little-explored topic”. He writes: “If colour bands in Noland’s art had once seemed controlled and disciplined, these last paintings bespeak an artist letting colour loose, to fend for itself, to go where it might, with the artist no longer controlling so much as looking on with happy appreciation and pleasure.”

Noland’s work as well as discussion of his impact by Karen Wilkin is included in the book Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques