Larry Poons – interview

From The Quietus

Larry Poons’ work is at Almine Rech, London

Did you ever have an important teacher like that yourself who encouraged you early on?

He pauses for a while. And then, in a voice a little quieter, more subdued than I’d heard him speak up to that point, he says,

“I might have. I might have…this teacher used to show slides of stuff to all of us and then put us to work. And the teacher, she’d give assignments, but when I didn’t do them, she never bothered to interrupt me to say you’re not doing the assignment. And so the year went by. And one of my collages during this senior year, she asked if she could have it. And I said, sure. And she took it home. And the last day of school she came up to me, and she said, you know, Larry, if you wanted to, you might be able to do something in art.  And I said, Oh no Miss. I’m going to the New England conservatoire. I’m going to learn how to be a composer.

But it turns out that she was onto something. Maybe! I hope she was…”

Poon’s work is discussed several times in the book Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques .