More from Barbara Rose

The exhibition, Painting after Postmodernism, continues to make news and evoke commentary.

From Barbara Rose’s catalogue essay:

I began to think of presenting contemporary American painters together with their Belgian counterparts when I noticed that there were artists working in both countries to reinvigorate painting by expanding its parameters, as well as by building on its foundations, with a respect for fine detail and careful craftsmanship. The issue is not whether the work is abstract or representational, but rather on the type of space being created, and on the redefinition of imagery within that space. After visiting scores of exhibitions and studios in the USA and Belgium, I found that exciting new work was based on expanding the processes of painting as a means to evoke imagery that was not a priori and schematized, but rather provocative and open to individual interpretation.

Larry Poons and Walter Darby Bannard, included in the exhibition, as also featured in Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques.