Pousette-Dart centennial at Pace & Whitney Museum

Richard Pousette-Dart (Image: © 2016 The Richard Pousette-Dart Estate)
Richard Pousette-Dart (Image: © 2016 The Richard Pousette-Dart Estate)

Pace Gallery is holding an exhibition (Sep 06, 2016 – Oct 15, 2016) that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

Included in the book, “Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques” , is Pousette-Dart’s work: Ramapo Night, 1962, oil on linen.

UPDATE: Now that the show is opened and getting press, here is an interesting and very personal story about an art historian trying to investigate Pousette-Dart and the obstacles that ensued.

With so many stories of women facing similar situations around employment in the news recently, I cannot help but recall how I had to walk away from this situation and then had to suffer in silence. I knew that I could not “play ball” or hang out by a lonely swimming pool in New Jersey. I had in fact invested my very best time, energy, and intellect into researching and framing Richard Pousette-Dart’s artistic development. Hunter disrupted that process, making it untenable for me to continue it, even as he handed off my discoveries to his male graduate student (who became an architectural historian). Mindful of women who still encounter such inappropriate behavior as I endured, I think that it’s time to shine some light on such treatment.

The Art Newspaper recaps the two exhibits (Pace & Whitney Museum) in a story here.