Thomas Nozkowski – Kentucky

A chance to see the unique works of Thomas Nozkowski outside of Pace starting August 4, 2017.

This exhibit, entitled Touchstones,  pairs works by Nozkowski with works from the University collection to bring a fresh and challenging experience to the viewing.

As the exhibit notes state:

We easily could have chosen a variety of Nozkowski paintings and drawings and installed them in our galleries. Instead, we asked him to pair a selection with art from the Museum’s permanent collection.  In this way, he could tease out aspects of inspiration and affinity, allowing viewers to make surprising connections. Works by Milton Avery, Stuart Davis, Paul Gauguin, Morris Graves, David Alfaro Siqueiros, among others, help us appreciate Nozkowski’s achievements

Thomas Nozkowski is featured in the book Abstract Painting: Concepts and Techniques and particularly relevant to the chapter on Layering.