Women and Abstract Expressionism

Helen Frankenthaler, “Madame Butterfly” (2000)
Helen Frankenthaler, “Madame Butterfly” (2000)

An interesting opinion piece by Max Lunn in Hyperallergic argues for the historical review of the importance of women painters in moving the ball forward for the Abstract Expressionist art movement.


Supporting the case, Lunn references the exhibit Women and the Void: Abstract Expressionism on Paper. Then there is this exhibit:


The Whitney Museum’s recent show Labyrinth of Forms: Women and Abstraction is indicative of museums’ willingness to invest in these women. Or rather, lack of willingness: The exhibition was criticized for its small footprint and handful of works, despite the museum’s extensive archive holdings. This speaks of a wider tension between museum-as-artist-champion and museum-as-business. 


We look forward to more broadening of the cast of artists who worked on developing painting’s abstract project.

Anne Ryan 1951